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The market for advanced visualization technologies services is set to exceed $35 billion worldwide in 2025.* For good reasons. Imagine customers collaborating in virtual product engineering reviews. Or a sales team taking clients on a virtual tour of their newest airplane from the comfort of a conference room. The power and possibility of VR/MR are limitless. And Wire Stone is using both to expand the experiences we deliver for our clients.

*Goldman Sacs Global Investment Research.


Mixed Reality

A hybrid of real and virtual where the physical world is augmented by virtual objects.

360 Video

An immersive form of video that offers complete control of the viewing experience.

Virtual Reality

A fully immersive and wholly virtual experience that the brain perceives as real.


Jumping into alternate realities can be disorienting‐from the nomenclature to their practical applications. Wire Stone's Fabio Matsui breaks it all down for you.

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HoloLens uses advanced computer vision to provide three-dimensional, mixed-reality experiences. MR opens up opportunities for new collaborative and instructional experiences that integrate holographic imagery, bi-aural sound, and the user's actual environment.

Microsoft Hololens Agency Readiness Partner

As an official Microsoft HoloLens Agency Readiness Partner, Wire Stone has trained extensively with the Microsoft team to understand the benefits of HoloLens and best practices for deploying it. Together, we're defining the experience of advanced visualization technologies.

"Nothing replaces hands-on experience when dealing with disruptive technology. Working with HoloLens in the trenches alongside our Microsoft colleagues gives our team two unique advantages: an intimate understanding of the challenges associated with bringing unparalleled holographic solutions to market, and the tools necessary to do so."

Farmer's 360 Video

Ricky Fowler provides a 360 degree tour of Torrey Pines in our video series for Farmer's Insurance.

Is an alternative reality solution right for you?

There's only one way to find out. Wire Stone's educational demo and workshops can help answer that question and identify which areas of your business would most benefit from experimenting with or adopting a virtual reality strategy.

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