Duncan Hines

Reimagining customer experience through content

Wire Stone propels Duncan Hines to the front of the CPG industry with social content

Bakers don’t search for recipes. They search for inspiration. So, Wire Stone reinvented Duncan Hines’s digital experience by integrating social channels and putting shareable, social, and user-generated content front and center. 

Our new content approach was uniquely suited to the way bakers seek out ideas: by flavor, format, and through beautiful visuals. And every user experience was custom tailored to that user, ensuring they were inspired to engage, share, and create content.
Wire Stone built and staffed a completely custom content studio to support the content needs of this new experience, getting our hands dirty making and shooting cupcakes, cookies, and other delicious dishes. We used this content to create a “visual navigation paradigm” by which users are inspired by imagery to lead them through the site. And for each user, the site records site activity, likes, dislikes, recipes printed, and other activity–using that important data to algorithmically serve up dynamic content to each user.

But that’s only half the story. Wire Stone and Duncan Hines then leveraged all this amazing, inspirational content on social channels, creating a seamless cadence of images, videos, recipes, and more that helped redefine success for the CPG industry in social.
Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake -- Book Club
Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake -- Celebrating Again
Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake -- Old Friends
The results speak for themselves: Website engagement increased by 211 percent. Duncan Hines became the number one CPG brand on Facebook, with more than 3M engagements in the first two quarters of the launch, a reach of 62M+, and recognition as the NASDAQ Bull of the Day. 

For every penny spent, our content generated five social shares.