Eatsmart Snacks

Telling bold stories about bold flavors

Wire Stone proved that eating smart doesn’t have to be boring

We know that consumers think better for you means boring and bland, but Eatsmart Snacks and their bold, zesty flavors disprove that sentiment with every bite. All Wire Stone had to do was convince consumers. How did we do it? By being bold.
Eatsmart - Four Hands
Eatsmart - Bold Eagle
Eatsmart - Snacks Tomato
Eatsmart - Snacks Potato
All the elements we needed were there: An honest, approachable brand ready to stand out in the industry. And a product that’s bold, tasty, and ready to be loved by consumers. We just needed the right spokesperson to bring the story to life. So we created one: Guy Natural. A man just as pure, as bold, and as zesty as the Eatsmart Snacks themselves. And the perfect vehicle to tell the Eatsmart story.

This approach was disruptive, yet honest. Clever, yet goofy. Informative, yet never preachy. We maximized the creative likability, memorability, and distinctively-Eatsmart-ness of the concept. And it didn’t surprise us when this approach caught on, opening a dialogue with customers we were happy to turn into a powerful, invaluable conversation between an awesome brand and engaged consumers.

This smart delivery of authentic shareworthy content is what turns marketing messages into shareable dynamite, and the results prove its power.

Content reached 44% of U.S. Salty Snack Buyers active on Facebook 
Seen by 18,023,289 unique users
113,550,613 impressions
7,139,401 Paid Video Views
7,398,576 Total Post Engagements
Statistically significant increase in brand awareness
Increase in positive sentiment toward the Eatsmart brand